Let me start off by introducing myself; I’m Erika Ochoa a FIDM grad with my A.A. in Visual Communication. Some fun facts about me is I love cats and because of my boyfriend I fell in love with corgis’ too. Yes MLB if you are reading this I finally admitted my love for corgis’. I started this blog for many reasons, one being that I wanted to do something that I could put all the skills I learned from FIDM together. After I discussed my idea with many people they pushed me to go after it and get the blog started. What I realized after all the planning and research is that sometimes you just have to go for it. Stop overthinking and just do it because once you start thinking about it too much you might miss out on a great experience. And what’s funny is that my boyfriend got the same idea he wanted to start a food blog. Before I knew it he had already made it, started posting and had so many views. I’m not going to lie a little part of me got jealous but at the same time it forced me to get this blog rolling. I saw how excited he was and I remember that is why I wanted to start a blog. It was the thrill of figuring out your next topic and knowing that you are doing something you love. I want my blog to contribute to people’s lives whether it’s making them laugh or sparking some creativity. I look forward to this amazing adventure with you guys and I hope you enjoy the ride.


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