My Hair Nightmare before Graduation

Whoever said that hair dye was a modern girls best friend lied.

Like any girl I wanted to start dying my hair. I didn’t know the price I would pay for my curiosity. My hair was so out of control, that all I wanted to do was cut off all my hair. But lets start from the beginning.

I was so excited I had never dyed my hair and really wanted a change especially because my graduation was next week on a Monday. So naturally I asked friends and family that have dyed their hair if they recommended any salons. One of my cousin highly recommended this stylist to me that was in my area. I showed the stylist the ombre style I wanted and he said that he could do it. After three hours of work I see the final product and it was REALLY bad. Me being passive I just left the salon thinking I just needed to get use to it.

The next day I talked to my mom about my experience and she convinced me that I had to go and get my money back. After telling him how I felt about it and how it didn’t look anywhere near to what I wanted. He responded by saying that my hair could never do what I wanted in the photo.

I was so upset because it like, why did you mention this before. So I got my money back and I decided to go to Ulta. I spent about $200 on trying to fix my hair before my graduation. I love Ulta because the stylist will answer all your questions and they will be honest with you. Especially when it comes to maintaining your hair.

The girl I got was a savior, she recut my hair because the ends were so uneven and she re-dyed it into a caramel marble ombre. With her help and patience I was able to walk on graduation day with confidence.

So please do a lot of research before you pick a stylist and make sure they can do what you want.

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