Chinatown Summer Nights

One of the things that I have never done is go to Chinatown. I always thought it would be such a magical place especially after watching Freaky Friday (the one with Lindsey Lohan). So on the last night of Summer nights festival I got the chance to go.

Let me say how beautiful it was to see all the lights lit up against the dark sky. I would have walked for hours just to see people pop confetti in the air and watch as little kids run after it. My favorite thing I saw was the Bruce Lee statue that was right at the entrance. The second thing that I thought was pretty awesome was the restaurant that had painted on their walls that Rush Hour was film there. And you bet that there was a long line to eat there.

 Since it was last minute, the lines to food trucks or restaurants were really long. I think we waited about 40 minutes for the restaurant we went to and another 20 for the crepe that I had to have. In my defense it was worth the extra 20 minutes.

The way we ended the night was with a bunch of freebies! Panda Express was giving away orange chicken with some rice in a cute takeout box. While waiting in line they have tables you walk by that had cool sunglasses, buttons, stickers, bracelets and some temporary tattoos.   

I highly recommend that you go next summer it will an experience that you won’t forget.

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