Falling into a healthy habit.

When I moved out of High Desert I thought living on my own would be easy. I knew all the basics to get me by. But as I moved from place to place I started to picking up bad habits. I began to eat out more, even though I knew I had food at home. My addiction to fast food became so much of a problem that I would think of excuses to go and buy it. What also didn’t help was that I wasn’t making anything from scratch. All the food I would buy from the grocery store would be frozen or pre-made.

When I finally got my current job at American Apparel I started to feel the toll my body was taking. I began getting sick all the time from not only what I was putting in my body but stress too.

Once I began dating and meeting new people, I picked up great ways to get rid of my bad habits. I feel that having a support group is extremely important no matter what unhealthy habit you have. My support was my boyfriend, he was always strict with me. I had to completely lower my in-take on fast food and junk food. That alone was so hard but the way that I got through it was by researching healthy snacks and foods to try. I fell in love with Whole Foods so much that I just wanted to buy everything.

After falling in love with different types of foods I began cooking from scratch. I began throwing in veggies and fruits into my diet. Before you know it I looked forward to cooking and feeling satisfied that other people liked it as well.

Another habit I began to incorporate into my life was taking care of my skin. I started taking hair, nail and skin vitamins and even a probiotic. The difference I saw was pretty amazing! My breakouts were almost gone and with the probiotic I took I saw a difference in my scarring. Now I’m not saying that this works for everyone but it is definitely a good idea to start cleansing your body from the inside out.

Nature Made Hair, Skin, Nails with Biotin Softgel 2500 mcg, 60 Count (Target) and Nutrition Now PB 8, Probiotic Acidophilus 120 capsules (Spourt or Amazon).

So my new challenge for the month of September is to start meditating and doing yoga. I’m doing this not only to help manage my stress but to have a fun way of working out. I hope this inspires you to make small changes in your life so you can live a healthier lifestyle. Feel free to share what you kind of small changes you make.



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