My Daily Beauty Routine

Good Morning World!

Today I had to wake up extra early like 2:00 AM early. I came into work early today because My aunt, mom and sister are going to San Diego to celebrate my mom’s big 5-0hh.

So come get ready with me!

First I start off by washing my face with the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Cleanser. After washing my face I massage in the Palmers Cocoa Butter all over my face. Then I go in with my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry- Touch Sunscreen.

Once I’m done, I quickly go in with my Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizer. I make sure that I rub it in my cheeks more because that is where most of my big pores are. Since I have oily eyelids too I make sure I put on the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I also make sure to put on my Calvin Klein mascara. I do this because my eyelashes are really straight, so by putting it on first and then curling makes the curls stay longer.

During this time I let everything set and usually brush my teeth while I wait.

After waiting I go in with my Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème. The shade I use is Nude. When I apply it , I just use my fingers to spread it where ever it needs to go. Once I’m done I go in with my Sephora MicroSmooth powder in the shade of Moyen Medium; Beige (25). I apply the powder with a round flat sponge.

For the eyes I put on the Creaseless Cream Shadow from Benefit. The color is No Pressure which is a nice rose gold shadow with hints of shimmer and glitter. I let that set for about a minute before I put on my eyeliner. When putting on my eyeliner, I just make a thin line and go back making it thinner.

Once everything is done I finish up with the Smashbox Photo Finish Prime Water. This helps my make up last longer and keep it from getting too oily.

I had fun sharing with you my daily routine. I hope you enjoying getting ready with me and I wish you all a fun weekend.



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