My Morning YouTube Favorites

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I thought I would share my favorite YouTube channels. How I usually start my day is catching up with my Instagram then watching some YouTube videos.

I love these YouTube channels not only because they are well edited but because the vibe that these woman give off. I feel like I’m listening to my best friend, while they share their tips and tricks.

  1.  Ingrid Nilsen

This is so far my favorite Vlogger ever! She is funny, a crazy cat lady and is so sweet. She also has two channels; her beauty and personal vlog.

2. Estée Lalonde

I love her channel simply because of her personality. She gives her honest opinion about products she tried and liked. Plus I also love that she has a monthly book club and shares books she enjoys reading.

3. Zoe Sugg

Lets just say her cute British accent had me at, “Hello Everybody!” Just like other YouTuber’s I follow I love her personality and the advice she gives. I especially love her cute little black pug.

4. Nikki Phillippi

My favorite haul videos come from this lovely lady right here. I love her style and her energy. She loves sharing her personal experiences and life stories to help others.

5. Rachel Talbott

I like her channel because it more about skincare and beauty routines than other channels I watch. She is also a wife and mom so her advice and tips are much different than other YouTubers.

If you are ever bored or are looking for new products to try I recommend you check these channels.

Hope you enjoy!


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