A Huge Surprise

Yesterday I was surprised by my co-workers with a birthday cake and a decorated desk.

My boss got me a tres leches cake from Lucero’s Bakery. The cake there is perfect where the cake holds in the milk instead of having it leak out. So of course it was pretty freaken delicious.

It was so heart warming to know that the people I work with decided to go an extra mile for me.

Since I was not into celebrating my birthday I got everyone who make going to work worth it a cupcake. They are the people that make me laugh when things at work are chaotic. They have listen to my problems, always tried to help in any way and made graduating college a priority. Without a support system like them I won’t have been able to balance both work and school full time.

So I got the main people that have made an impact on me a cupcake from Whole Foods. They are the Banana Chocolate Chunk cupcake and one Red Velvet just in case of any allergies. They cost $24 for 6 cupcakes; individually $3.99. But they also sell bite size ones and those cost 1.99 each.

Can’t wait for the weekend. Hope you all have a fun relaxing weekend.



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