Kat Von D Foundation Review

Every time I am about to run out of my foundation I try out another brand.

I always switch it up, mostly because my skin is consistly changing.


This time I was recommended the Kat Von D Foundation. I like the creamy texture and it’s easy to apply with your fingers.

It does an amazing job covering up an imperfections. I love the 24 hr wear on it because it leaves me completely oil free. On my busiest days I stay matte for at least 9-10 hours.

The only con I have on this foundation is that I had to go to Sephora three times to get the right shade. Kat Von D’s foundation and powder are known to change color with your body heat. So make sure that you get color IQ checked with a Sephora make up artist.

To show you the coverage here are some photos.


Without Foundation


With Foundation.


The final product with my CK mascara.


6 thoughts on “Kat Von D Foundation Review

  1. Chelsea says:

    Thanks for the review! Right now, I use Young Blood foundation- it’s got great coverage, but it’s pricey and it is kind of heavy (especially in the summertime). I may give this one a try.


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