Work appropriate costumes

When Halloween arrives I usually make two kinds of costume. The one that I wear at work and the other that I wear when I go out.

Even though I work at American Apparel I don’t really feel comfortable wearing certain things to work. Most girls don’t mind the cat calls or the stares but for me I don’t like that idea for work. Last year I was Wednesday Adams and everyone liked it. So as Halloween comes closer I like to narrow down my options on what I will be at work.

I know that many of you are on the same boat as I am so I decided to dedicate a post to work appropriate costumes.

  1. A Deer head

38 of the most CLEVER & UNIQUE Costume Ideas.....that no one else will be wearing this year! | via Make It and Love It:

2.  A Piñata

Totally Unique and Fun DIY Halloween Costume Ideas:

  1. A Piece of Sushi

This fun sushi Halloween costume is easy to make and fun to wear.  Be the hit of the office costume party with this unique costume that you can make in less than an hour!:

  1. Lilo and Stitch

Once upon a time, when people spent $75 on a plastic, cheap-looking Halloween costume from Party City, matching costumes were considered corny, nerdy, and eyeroll worthy. Now, in the year 2016, when people spend a lot of time creating their own costume and even more time searching for them on Pinterest, matching costumes are considered cute, fun, and often really creative. This is true for both couples and costumes and best friend costumes.:

  1. Maleficent

Most Popular Costumes For Women | 2015 | POPSUGAR Love & Sex:

  1. White Rabbit

DISNEY DIY – 2 Easy Halloween Costumes | Color Me Courtney:

  1. A Bat

DIY bat wings costume:: Best Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - Bat Halloween Costume - Do It Yourself Costumes for Teens, Teenagers, Tweens, Teenage Boys and Girls, Friends. Fun, Clever, Cheap and Creative Costumes that Are Easy To Make. Step by Step Tutorials and Instructions

  1. Wind-up Doll

DIY wind up doll Halloween costume for kids - Try these 21+ Last minute Halloween costume ideas that are both creative and easy and you can pull off in less than one hour. Minions, bandits, dolls and more:

  1. Morton Salt Girl

Morton Salt Girl Halloween Costume. This easy DIY Halloween costume is unique, comfortable and extremely cute!:

  1. Beanie Baby

A Beanie Baby Cat and the Jerry Garcia Beanie Bear | 21 Insanely Clever Halloween Costumes For You And Your Friends:

For more ideas check out my Pinterest!

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