Facing Monday

This Monday is my last day at American Apparel. Ever since we found out that the company was being sold off there had been a grey cloud that had been hovering over our office. For many people they found this place to be their second home.

We all had created friendships with each other that makes us feel like family. So it was very hard for people to come to terms that in a few weeks this place along with the people, will be gone.

As much as I wanted to stay I got offered an opportunity to work with another clothing company that has similar values. So I’m very excited to see where this opportunity takes me! It was very difficult to finally rip off the band aid and accept that my time at American Apparel has ended.

American Apparel was my first job and it taught me a numerous amounts of life lessons. When I first started here I was twenty years old and a full time student at FIDM. Balancing being a full time student with a full time job was definitely a skill I soon developed immediately. With the help of my boss I was able to do both which now seems almost impossible.

In many ways I was truly fortunate that my boss became a mentor and my co-workers my support system. They have made this job experience something I will never forget.


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