What is today…?

Today is my amazing friends birthday!

So I decided on his birthday that I would make him his gift. I plan on printing it out and having it framed. I picked a photo of his girlfriend and him dressed up as The Incredibles.

I thought it suited the occasion perfectly because both of them are my personal super heroes. They can make anyone smile or die from laughing. Both are EXTREMELY caring and very talented. My friend Javier is going to film school while Brittany is striving to be a dentist.

She just recently came back from spending two weeks in Thailand so I know I can’t wait to catch up.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did to make it.Javier_22 (1)

Feeling Proud of Myself

Today I decided to share a project with you.

But before I do, I should probably mention the mental breakdown that I had to go through to get here.

So as you guys might remember I was going to make a cat calendar. As I was completing each month I found myself unhappy with each one. With a deadline I found myself stressed out and unhappy with the final product.  I started to hate drawing and wanted to quit. I started to doubt myself and fell into the pit of pity.

My boyfriend gave me many motivational speeches that day. He was trying to push me to keep my creative fire going. But I honestly felt so disappointed in myself and even my skills that nothing could change my mind.

The next day I really thought about what my boyfriend told me. So I make a fun project for myself. Once it started I couldn’t stop. I found myself as close to my laptop screen clicking away. I took a break and worked on my website and logo too. (I hope you guys liked it)

I’m still not fully done with it but I just got too excited and couldn’t wait to show you. So here you go 😀