Monday Motivation

I would say that this week’s theme is change.

Why is it the one thing that can help us in the most positive way is change. But yet we have this whole fear of it. Whether it is applying for a new job, getting married or moving to another city. No matter what, you have that hesitation to move forward with change.

This could be your butterfly moment. |

So I found that this quote to capture how to view change as a positive thing. I hope that it helps you ease into change as much as it will for me.

Joe Rogan Book Club


Have you ever listen to a Joe Rogan podcast?

When my bf introduced me to his podcast it was a lot for me to take in. He has a variety of guests that appear on his show. Some days its about history and others its about martial arts. Regardless of what the subject is you always leave with some knowledge.


So when we take long drives, we listen to his podcast. Since listening to his podcast I have discovered many books that I wanted to read. One of them was inspired by the MMA fighter Justin “The Viking” Wren. He was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience and talked about the his experience with the pygmy people.  It broke my heart to hear about their daily struggles and how it was all traced back to King Leopold. As they got more into the history of the pygmy people I found myself wanting to learn more. Justin Wren recommended reading, King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild.

The other book that I wanted to read was The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It is a perfect book for someone who is an artist. When I say artist I mean any one who is creative and loves to think outside the box. It is a very witty book and reminds me of that bold friend who is brutal honest. The purpose of the book is to help you become successful by breaking down these obstacles we put up. As I read the first page I felt like the book was written just for me, like it was giving me direct advice.

The other book that I have been reading is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  I would say it is very similar to The War of Art, except I would say it is more spiritual. Many people who have read this book have told me that it was a life changing book.

Normally I finish one book before starting another one. But since my bf surprised me with the other two J.R. books I couldn’t say no. Now I am beyond excited to started these new books in September!

P.s. The Day Designer is a new planner I bought at Target. I have been obsessed with it and felt like I had to included it in my September books.


My Birthday Song

I’m turning 22 in ten days and this whole month I have been having mixed thoughts about the whole idea. This year I wasn’t at all excited about my birthday which is weird for me. I found myself dreading the idea of it coming soon. I honestly didn’t know how much I was avoiding the topic or day until I realized how close it really was.

This month has just been crazy with work and trying to figure out a way to start paying off loans when they kick in on December. With everything that I’m dealing with my own birthday didn’t meet the importance factor. So I wanted to skip over it because it is just another day.

With all that going on I wanted to do some shadow work and figure out what is causing all this. What I found out is that I’m afraid of change. I’m afraid of getting another job or leaving my job. I’m afraid on trying to start my side business. I’m afraid of growing up and forgetting my inner child. But most importantly I’m afraid that change will bring nothing but failure. For months I have been struggling and now I know that I just have to embrace it. I have to remember to be fearless and welcome any change even if its out of my comfort zone.

So throughout the daily stresses and worries this song relaxes me. It makes me feel safe and comforted knowing that others share the same feelings towards change. I hope you enjoy this amazing song and that it brings you some love/ comfort.