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Bye bye Christmas hello New Year!

Today everyone is returning back to work. Sadly my three day weekend went by so quickly. I did however enjoy every since minute of it. I loved that I was able to sleep in and enjoy the comfort of my warm bed.

Right before Christmas we were gifted a space heater so I was beyond excited about getting the luxury of having a warm home. The whole weekend I was just unwinding and treating myself to an at home spa experience. One of my co-workers gifted me a spa care package and it was definitely not wasted.

On Christmas Eve my boyfriend and I went to my grandmas house for our traditional tamales. This year my uncle was the one that got the masa ready (which is never easy). So inside of waiting until nine for them to by ready we all started eating around seven. We waited until midnight like always and exchanged gifts.

As for Christmas day we spent it with my boyfriends mom. We decided to go to Gen which is an all you can eat Korean BBQ place. You wouldn’t believe that we stayed their for about two hours just eating. Whenever we go there we make sure that we get our moneys worth and this time we definitely with above and beyond.

Then on Monday we decided to go to this amazing Guatemalan and Salvadorian restaurant that was less than five minutes away from our apartment. Since I’m half Guatemalan I was very curious to see what kind of food options they had there. My expectations were set very low but once I had a bite of their asada, pollo and chorizo my mind was blown. Everything was so delicious that both of us weren’t stopping at all. The flavors of the meat and the salsa complimented each other perfectly. We found each other mmming after every bite. After that experience we know that we will be back soon. My boyfriend joked that we might come back this week.

I hope you all had a great time enjoying your holiday vacation. Soon enough it will be Friday and the New Year will be here!




Yelping Through the Decades

I got invited to attend a Yelp Elite event with my boyfriend last week.

Let me just say that Yelp events are never boring or dull. I always leave with an amazing experience and new information. Whether it be a new vendor that I fell in love with or just discovering new things that I like.

This event was called Yelping through the Decades. On the invite it said to dress up in your favorite decade or festive attire. My boyfriend and I decided last minute to take the 50’s decade. We put on our greaser gear on and boom we were off.

It was held in King Richard’s  Antique Center in Whitter, CA. This was the most amazing antique place I have ever been to. They had a bunch of modern furniture and even some ugly Christmas sweaters on display.

What surprised me the most is how festive the whole store was. When you walked in there was carolers singing away and they were so cute!

I have never experienced carolers so, I was trying my hardest to keep my cool. When you checked in you donation $10 each. All the money went towards the Ozzy Foundation (which is for animals). In return you got to sample a lot of amazing food, take photos and even get a pet toy.


We had these mouth watering oysters from Maine and New York. They were so good we came back three times.

They had a Pin Up Cakes and their chocolate peanut butter macaroon were out of this world. They basically melted in your mouth.

Califia Farms was there passing out spiked drinks and yes their eggnog would knock your socks off.

If you a big fan of Jello Shots then you should check out Ludlows Cocktail Jelly Shots. *They are REALLY strong.


Yelp even managed to wow my boyfriend when he saw their Krave Beef Jerky sample tent. They had samples of all of there flavors.

I even fell in love with a new drink brand called Bai. Their drink have no sugar added. I love their Mango, Dragon Fruit and Pomegranate drink. Something that I thought was cute was that they had a photoshoot area to instagram your fun. When you included their hashtag your photo would get printed out.


Here is some go the free alcohol we got to try. I am not a fan of beer but this cider beer was amazing. I could honest drink it and it feel like it isn’t a chore. After we picked up our feel beer the next booth gave us some free stackable wine. Heinek was offering free beer but since it is not my favorite I just passed.


As for food they had Lahtt Sause there and they had their signature sauce and dumplings to try.The Pub at Chino Hills had some delicious pork belly they were giving out. Lava was also there with their handcrafted Bloody Mary mix. The famous Pink’s even gave out hotdogs. We chose their Chill Dogs.

All in all we had an amazing time. We got so many freebies and we were even featured on Yelp page.


To see more photos of the event click here




Baby it’s cold outside

What is better than watching Christmas movies on a cold night….Nothing.

This week has been perfect snuggling weather. With the crazy amount of fog and winds how could you not stay in and watch festive movies.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas movies that remind me what Christmas is really about.

My Childhood Classic’s that I always can’t wait to watch.


My “Adult” Christmas Favorites that remind me what Christmas is really about.


If there is any movies that you recommend I check out please comment below.

In the Christmas Spirit

With all the craziness of shopping, saving and working I managed to finally sit down. Here is how I decided to decorate for the holidays at home and work.

I spent about $14 for everything that I needed. I got some colorful Christmas lights to hanging around the window and bathroom mirror. I then went to the dollar tree and got some red and green garland. I used that to trim the bathroom mirror and threw in some golden bells just to make it a little fancy.

As for work I decided to go with the same theme except I added in white christmas lights. To cover up the green wiring I used some of the silver garland.

I even put up a gingerbread house that I so happened to get from Wendy’s.  I knew that I had to keep it up when I saw that they had a gingerbread kitty.

After putting everything up it definitly put me in the Christmas spirit.



Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and we decided to go to Disneyland.

Since it was our last day as annual passholder’s I decided to take the day off of work. My mom and sister picked me up with Mc’dees and we were off.

We decided to meet my niece and cousin in Disneyland because she wanted to go meet the Star Wars crew. Since us three aren’t really any die hard fans we went on Radiator Speed Racer.


Once we met up we started to go on all the rides with them since they had to leave early. We went on the Buzz Lightyear, Matterhorn,  Its a Small World, Alice in Wonderland Tea Cups, Haunted Mansion and Thunder Mountain.



After that we went and had some linner (Lunch and Dinner) at the Plaza Inn. I had their fried chicken, green beans and mash potatoes. Since it was my sister’s birthday the crew member from the restaurant decided to make her feel special.  She was given a red rose and jam with a candle on top. This cute old man brought out his harmonica and began to sing to her and others that were also celebrating their birthdays.


We also went and got some treats after. My niece and sister got the Death by Darth. My mom, cousin and I had their Peppermint Beignets. I recommend trying them both. Later I bought a Mint Julep which is really refreshing and I got myself a cool bracelet.


Right when My niece and cousin were about to leave me aunt Sandra decided to join us.

We went on Buzz Lightyear again but got stuck and had to get taken out of the ride. My sister and I had fast passes for Space Mountain but since its the season of the force it was called Hyperspace Mountain. It was so awesome, if you are a die hard Star Wars fan you MUST get on this ride.


Meanwhile my aunt and mom went on the Buzz Lightyear and the Haunted Mansion since my aunt didn’t get to go on it with us. When we got out of the ride we met them at Pirates of the Caribbean.

When we were waiting in line my aunt surprises us and told us that with careful consideration they renewed our passes!

All in all it was a great day and I hope that my sister enjoyed herself.


* What I forgot to mention was that we say a Disney kitty there. It was so cute sleeping while everyone was oooh-ing and aww-ing at it.