Feeling Home Sick…

Ever since my sister and I were a babies we had a babysitter. My mom worked full time and my dad was a truck driver so no one could really stay home with us. My babysitter who is more like a grandma to me would take care of us at her home.

We used her address to go to the school closer to her home. It was because of her that I not only had an amazing childhood but irreplaceable memories. Her daughters and son became apart of my family.

When Halloween slowly creeps up I begin to get home sick. I start missing the old times where we would come home from school and watch Goosebumps. I miss her daughter doing my make-up before going out to go trick o treating.

Since I don’t live at home I rarely see my mom and sister. So I miss our living room discussions and our laughing attacks. Most importantly I miss my O.G. little baby (my cat).

Life in Hesperia is so chill and relaxing. After a weekend spent there its so refreshing that it makes going back to Torrance so hard. Especially when my mom makes her delicious breakfast. I automatically get up to the smell of bacon, something that rarely ever happens at my home.

I’m looking forward to going home and seeing everyone soon.

Celebrating Birthday’s

Good Morning Good Looking!

Yesterday I spent the day celebrating my loves birthday. We started the celebration this weekend since his birthday fell on Labor Day. But since I had to work on Monday I went in early so I could be able to afternoon together.

We had dinner at (enter here) and then went to get massages. When the night was almost over I surprised him with his favorite Red Velvet cupcakes and Napoleon dulce de leche.

When looking for the best delicious Red Velvet cupcake my niece and nephew recommended Porto’s. My boyfriend and I were anything but disappointed. They were so delicious! For the price and long ass line I had to wait, it was worth it. I highly recommend that if you have a sweet tooth or are craving a really good sandwich to check it out.

They are food and treats are affordable. But be careful what time and day you decide to go because on holidays like labor day they are PACKED.

Personally I love birthdays whether they are my own or others. I love going out of my way to buy something that will make them happy or feel loved. Every year I make sure to send an amazing loving text to close friends reminding them how special they are to me. I remind them how grateful I am, that they born and that I get another year to celebrate with them.

So if you are a September baby I hope that on your day you feel special. That you know that you mean the world to someone.