Happy Birthday Modern Meow!


Happy Anniversary-01

Today marks the first day I started my blog. I remember being afraid that no one was going to read it or that I wouldn’t receive any followers. But yesterday I got my 50th follower!

I am really proud of how much my blog has grown since I first started. There is much more in store for this blog I can’t help but feel excited for what the second year brings.

I want to thank all my followers and readers for supporting me and my dream. It has been stressful and there were many time I just wanted to quit. But once I see a new follower, a comment, or just a like; it makes it all worth it.

As I enjoy my day of hard work I welcome you to enjoy a piece of cake on my behalf!

Happy Birthday Modern Meow! I promise this second year will be fabulous!



Erika Ochoa


Motivational Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hopefully getting into work wasn’t that hard today. This weekend I decided to go visit my family in Hesperia, CA. I love coming home because of the peace and quiet. Another reason I love going home is that I get reminded of how much I am loved and missed (that’s why its hard to come back).

I always find it hard to do everything I want and be able to see everyone. The main places I make a priority to go to are my mom’s house, my grandma’s house and my best friend Vanessa’s apartment. There are days like yesterday that I leave feeling sad because I don’t know the next time I will get to see them. Its mostly because I feel like I never spend enough time with them even when I do see them. It forces me to remember that everyday is precious and that nothing and no one should be taken for granted.

After 3 days away from my boyfriend it made me not only miss my comfy bed but his warm, strong bear hugs. As soon as I saw his face I felt back at home.
I shared everything I did and who I saw. I told him that I gave my dog Muffin a little mani pedi. And since she was a good girl I spoiled her with some dog treats. I even got some treats for my cat too so she wouldn’t get jealous (lol).

I truly loved my weekend away. I don’t know when but next time I go I’m bringing my boyfriend with me 😉

The best kind of people  are the ones that come  into your life, and make  you see the sun where  you once saw clouds.  The people that believe  in you so much, you start  to believe in you too. The people that love you, simply for being you. The once in a lifetime  kind of people.:

Family Weekend

Happy Monday Everyone

Can you believe Ronda got knocked out!!! hahaha Sorry I just couldn’t wait to share with you my amazement for KO.

This weekend was pretty amazing considering what I was doing. On Saturday was my grandma’s birthday. Our whole family came together to throw her a party. I rarely get to see my whole family together, so when we are the whole house is full of laughter, love and memories. My godfather made my favorite food which was birria de res and my godmother made the rice and beans.

Let me tell you that the food was perfection! Everything was on point and you could taste all the hard work put into it. I was extremely grateful that they made all the food for our hungry family.

After we ate all the men in my family including my boyfriend were doing everything to make sure that we got to see the fight. They finally got it and everything was at ease. Then of course we lose the stream connection and miss the Ronda Rousey fight with Holly Holms. All we heard was the reaction from my cousins phone since he still had a steam connection.

Before we rushed home to see how Ronda lost, we sang my grandma Happy Birthday. I wanted to buy her this special Lotus Musical Candle I saw. I thought it was so amazing that my grandma deserved it. With the stress of almost burning the house down I asked my sister to record everything. The next day I finally saw the video and the excitement and happiness I saw on her face was absolutely priceless. It made my day knowing that she felt like the Queen she is.




When we got home we saw the whole thing and it was amazing! I loved how humble and truly overjoyed Holly was for winning the title. Seeing her dominate Ronda was beautiful and so magical. You could really tell that she was in her zone.

I know I can’t wait to see her next fight and see her grow as an MMA fighter.


Have an amazing Monday!


Some Family Time

This weekend I got to spend some quality time with my aunt, mom and sister.

We left to San Diego for my mom’s birthday on Friday around noon. They got to go to Disneyland for a few hours while I was finishing up my last hours at work. Once they picked me up from work we were off.

We stayed at La Quinta and it was pretty nice considering the amount they charge. On Friday we were all pretty tired so, we decided to stay in and order pizza. It was nice just watching some HBO and having some delicious pizza with wings.

On Saturday we went to Belmont Shore and hung out at their pier. There was so much to do there and everything was very reasonable. My sister and I went rock climbing on their rock wall for just $6 each. I’m not going to lie I was pretty proud of myself when I got to the top. The whole way up there my knees were buckling and my palms were sweating up a storm. It also didn’t help that it was really hot too. So when I got to the top I felt that I conquered my fear and really stepped out of my comfort zone.

After that we checked out this cool lounge area where you can ride a wave. The people that were taking turns riding the waves were REALLY talented. I left inspired to learn how to surf or at least know how to keep my balance on one of those waves.

Since my mom loves games we checked out their arcade room. We had fun racing motorcycles and playing Deal or No Deal.

It was no surprise that once we were done playing our games that we took a sweets break. I order Dip and Dots cookies and cream and my mom got a funnel cake.

When we were all ready to go home we saw these roller skate dance crew. They were older but I was pretty jealous at their amazing roller moves. We stopped by the sand for one last look at the amazing ocean view.

On our last day we ate at my mom old favorite restaurant called On the Border. Then we stopped by my great aunts rehab center to pay her a visit. She was in such a good mood when she saw us. Since she is at fall risk she can’t go home so when she gets a visitor, she feels loved.

It was definitely one of the best family weekends I’ve had in a while. But as soon as I was almost home I got pretty excited to see my boyfriend. Even though I see him every single day, a day let alone a weekend without him seems so strange. So I was welcomed with kisses and hugs as soon as I opened the door.

I hope you also had an amazing and fun weekend too.