Good News

So lately I have been thinking about whether or not I should renew my domain.

I have contemplated whether or not its worth it. I was talking to one of my social media friends and they said that I should consider buying the premium. They also mentioned that I should re-brand myself. I couldn’t help but agree with her because when I first created Modern Meow I had a different goal. Now I just want to finalize somethings before I decided to jump in.

If you are a blogger and are paying the premium pricing on WordPress let me know your thoughts on if its worth it.

  • Erika


Today is a post dedicated to you. I love it when you like my post or even comment on them.

So I thought I would write a post all about what you enjoy. I want to know what interests you and what you look forward to reading on my blog. I also want to know if you have any suggestions on my blog.

Please feel free to comment below your thoughts. Let me know what you like and dislike about my blog.