Work in Progress

Well there is something you must know about me…and that is that I love making my own costumes. When October arrives my first thought is what will I be this year.

I finally was able to go to a costume store with my boyfriend and brain stormed ideas. We agreed to be characters from the video game Mortal Combat. I had to do more research on the characters because honestly I have no idea who they are.

Since its a family party I don’t want to dress too risky. So I have been debating on being a girl version of Scorpion or Kitana. A part of me wants to be Scorpion because I am a Scorpio. But then on the other hand my boyfriend kept hinting that he wants me to be Kitana.

Character: Scorpion | Cosplayer: Brittany Renee Wheeler | Series: MORTAL KOMBAT:

Scorpion (Girl Version)

Kitana Kosplay [Mortal Kombat]:


 So today we are going to Joann’s to pick up some fabric. I’ll upload my sketch of how I plan on PG-ing this costume. I’m praying all my sewing skills can make this happen or else I will just be a ninja. But failure is not an option this Halloween. Can’t wait to show you how it all turns out! Here is an idea of what my boyfriend and I will look like.


Halloween costume idea kitana sub zero:

Kitana and Sub Zero

Monday Motivation

It’s Finally October! Are you guys just as excited as I am!?!

This month is my birthday so like any other year I spend this whole month enjoying every single day. I plan on welcoming every day with a wonderful beginning by meditating.

Since the universe loves me so much I get to share my birthday with my friend Brittany, so I’m overjoyed that I get to spoil her.

Even though I live in California the fall weather hasn’t really caught up yet. So I’m looking forward to those cold fall days ahead. I know that this year has been the hardest for costume ideas so if you guys already know what you will be feel free to share. When Halloween comes closer I’ll share with you what I ended up deciding to dress up as.

So to welcome this amazing month here is the quote for the week!

Barneys, Bergdorf's, Bloomies, & Bendel's!:

Have a great Monday!

D.I.Y. Halloween

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope you all had a fun and festive weekend.

This Halloween I was pretty amazed of how everything ran smoothly. I usually do my personal projects last minute so lets just say that I didn’t finish up my mask til a hour before we had to leave the house. But it came out pretty amazing.

On Friday for work I dressed up as Wednesday Adams. It was fairly simple I just got a black dress with sleeves, black tights and some black booties. I did my make up pretty simple with just black lipstick. As for my hair, I parted it straight down and French braided it. Since I didn’t have any white collared shirt I cut out pieces of paper and taped it to my dress.

American Apparel decided to throw their employees a Halloween Party. So I worked with HR to help decorate the break room and pass out goodies to the employees. They even had a costume contest where the top 3 winners got a Target gift card.

Now as for Halloween, I dressed up as Catwoman. This costume took a lot of hours of researching to find something that catwoman would actually wear. I ended up finding a lot of ideas with American Apparel clothing and if it weren’t for my discount I don’t know if I would have been able to afford it. I bought the Cotton Spandex Micro-Mesh Gloria-V Bodysuit and their Lame Shiny Legging.

I added in my black belt and a black cami so it wouldn’t be too revealing. Now for the mask I went to Michael’s and bought everything I needed from there. I got two black felt fabric (.39 each), white puffy paint (3.00) and some cool black ribbon (1.25). After buying my supplies I used a template to cut out the shape. Once I cut it out I realized it was too long and my nose wasn’t cut right. So with some experiments with staples I customized it to my face and glue gunned it together.


I had a lot of fun getting ready for that day. If you are interested in making the mask the link to the template below.


Halloween or Hoe-oween

Why is it that on Halloween people or shall I say girls, dress up just to be half naked?

Honestly, its sometimes leaves me baffled that there is nothing left to the imagination. When we went to Catalina I got a taste of what to expect on Halloween. Girls topless with just pasties or in their bra and underwear. I understand its your body and you can do whatever you want to it BUT that doesn’t mean I want to see it. I was amazed of how many came with someone too. I asked my boyfriend if he would ever be okay with me dressing up like that. The answer was disappointing; he said that he could care less but that it would show what kind of person I am.

I don’t know if I was disappointed that he would let me or the fact that he could care less. Personally I could never leave the house like that. I don’t have a body to complain about but that doesn’t mean I want the whole world to know what it looks like. I want people to look at me and say that is a cool costume not gawk at me with their dirty mind.

The thing that disappoints me the most is that this holiday isn’t a hoe or slut show. It is a day to get creative and dress up (not down). They have turned the costumes that are normal or appropriate into inappropriate costume.

Source: Mickey and Minnie VS Minnie…?

This year my boyfriend and I are going to be Batman and Catwoman. We both decided to make it D.I.Y., so I can’t wait to share what I did.

So far my boyfriend already got everything he needs. But since I work at American Apparel I get 60% percent off clothing, so I’m waiting for my stuff to arrive. I plan on using just American Apparel clothing and creating some mask from Michaels.

I know I can’t wait to see and read what you guys did.

Halloween Decorating

Is it me or is this month going by quickly?

I serious can’t believe next week is Halloween. Last week I decided to stop by the local Dollar Tree and Target by my work to see what they had. I was amazed of how quickly everything fell off the shelves. There were still some things but in the end I decided to be creative with what they had.

At the Dollar Tree I spent $3.50 on my office decorations. They were two Halloween garland; one was purple with bats and the other was white with ghost. I also got some window decals that easily removable. They glow in the dark and are bats, skulls and bones.

IMG_2339  IMG_2337IMG_2341

Since I live in a studio apartment with my BF that their is really not a lot of room or things to decorate. So I decided to just put some colorful decals on the mirror to at least see everyday when we get ready. I also used the left over garland to the top of the mirror and below our medicine cabinet. For the window decals, I spent about $4.00 for two packets from Target.




Hope you all enjoy your last two weeks of October.



The Happiest Place in the World

Some of you don’t know that I have an annual pass to Disney. This year I really haven’t had the opportunity to go to Disneyland for a full whole day. When I go with my family, we usually go right after work.

My family go Disney crazy, we are all obsessed to the point where we know the rides on both parks. It’s because of that, that going with others isn’t that fun. They tend to complain more and not enjoy the innocents of being a child again.

So when I graduated I told my boyfriend that we have to go together because once this year is over my pass ends. After seeing the current new prices I won’t be renewing it either. He finally caved and said he would go with me.


On Thursday we went, I made sure that picked the right day when it wasn’t going to be too crowded. We went to McDonalds before we went to Disney just to get some breakfast. After that we headed straight to Disney California Adventures.


I love that park because it more for adults; so you have a little more wild rides there. We had their must have corn dog and ice cream by the pier. The rides we went on were The Little Mermaid, Goofy Flying School, Toy Story Mania, Radiator Springs Racers and Soarin’ Over California.


After that we went over to rent a wheelchair since me boyfriends leg was acting up. I think pushing him throughout the rest of the day was such a workout. Especially since there is so many slopes in Disneyland. With all that pushing we would take breaks and try some treats that were new. This time I tried their Mint Julep and Pumpkin Beignets and they were so bomb!! I completely fell in love with the beignets and as for dinner we had some mouth watering good fried chicken. The place brought us in because of the smell, honestly I would have never knew that Disneyland sold this dank fried chicken.  The rides we got on were Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, Alice in Wonderland and Star Tours.


When the park hit 10:30 we left to catch the tram. As I was aching in pain from all the walking and pushing, I thought that today was the best day ever. I got to experience Disney with my best friend. This was honestly the best birthday ever and its not even my birthday yet lol.


Hope you guys have a fun Monday,


Feeling Home Sick…

Ever since my sister and I were a babies we had a babysitter. My mom worked full time and my dad was a truck driver so no one could really stay home with us. My babysitter who is more like a grandma to me would take care of us at her home.

We used her address to go to the school closer to her home. It was because of her that I not only had an amazing childhood but irreplaceable memories. Her daughters and son became apart of my family.

When Halloween slowly creeps up I begin to get home sick. I start missing the old times where we would come home from school and watch Goosebumps. I miss her daughter doing my make-up before going out to go trick o treating.

Since I don’t live at home I rarely see my mom and sister. So I miss our living room discussions and our laughing attacks. Most importantly I miss my O.G. little baby (my cat).

Life in Hesperia is so chill and relaxing. After a weekend spent there its so refreshing that it makes going back to Torrance so hard. Especially when my mom makes her delicious breakfast. I automatically get up to the smell of bacon, something that rarely ever happens at my home.

I’m looking forward to going home and seeing everyone soon.