Gains: Just the Beginning

I was talking to my doctor about my uncontrollable weight loss and she mentioned joining the Gain Squad. For the people who haven’t heard of this tready workout idea then let me explain.

What is gains?

According to Urban Dictionary, “Gains is best described as a lifestyle that many take to put on muscle and get into shape. However, gains isn’t just about getting big muscles and looking lean. One will find that making gains consists of: the process of lifting, eating healthy, and making life decisions based off of ones health”.

So I thought instead of bombarding you with all this information I will slowly ease you into the process. What you might not know is that may fitness “gurus” create their own version of gains. They charge you about $20 a month for a plan that includes workouts, meal plans and some other tips. Since I can’t really afford that I decided to create my own that caters to my needs. If this sounds like something you would like to do as well, I will lead you through the process of creating your own.

I learned that reddit is your best friend. There are many people in fitness forums that not only will help support you through the process but will even share tips with you. They have people that share their meal plans and even give you advice on what brands to buy from.

The first step in creating a meal plan is to know how much calories you need to have daily. The website I used was had a Weight Gain Calculator. Here is what mine looked like:


I chose the calorie boost because I have a hard time putting weight on.

Then once you hit calculate it comes up with how many calories, carbs, protein and fats  you intake.


If you keep reading the article on the website it explains what kind of workouts you should do to gain that muscle. I even love that they have all theses tips and resources you can utilize.

After that the next step is to use the Macronutrient Calorie Calculator. I did this extra step because my boyfriend is diabetic so he can’t eat a lot of carbs. So this tool lets you pick a common diet ratio. Here is my example:



After finding out your results you can customize your own meals. I started using Fitness Tracker to see exactly how much I am eating so I never go over. So far that has been helping me see what exactly I am eating. I recommend you read the rest of that article to get a better understanding of what this calculator is used for.

Tomorrow I will show you how to plan out a week’s worth of meals and lunches.

I hope this helped you as much as it has helped me. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below. Any likes and shares are appreciated!





My kind of Shake

Hello Everyone!

So as you know I have been trying out some shakes to help me gain muscle. Let me tell you that some of these protein shakes were so difficult to drink. I found myself measuring out  my drinking points. I knew that in order for this to work for me I had to chug it. So I would get a white board marker and mark where I had to chug to.


Day one I had the Pure Green Protein and that was the worst one out of the three. I found it to be so hard to drink that I just had to power through and finish it. So I knew that this one wasn’t for me.


Day two I tried the Vega One shake. This one was a little better than the Pure Green. But I was disappointed but instead of tasting like coconut almond it tasted more like Flintstones grounded down vitamins. Which isn’t delicious at all, I think it probably was the most grainest out of the three.


Day three was the best by far. It was the light at the end of the tunnel. This shake didn’t upset my stomach, blended easy, and didn’t separate too much from the ice. It tasted more like chocolate milk than crushed up vitamins. I think what amazed me is that it wasn’t a pain to drink. After forcing shake after shake it was nice to feel like I didn’t need to. I will probably buy this one depending if I still want to continue searching for more flavors.


What I did was add 1/3 cup of 2% lactose milk with a cup full of ice. I would put all of that into a blender and take it to my desk. My boss was nice enough to bring in his bullet to work for me. So every morning I would blend up my drink and just chug it at my desk. I did this to all three shakes just to keep it consistent.

I decided to ease into working out because I knew my poor body would go into shock if I got too crazy. So what I’m doing is the 30 day squat challenge and swimming twice a week for an hour and a half.

Well I hope you enjoyed my review and hopefully helped you on your shake quest too.



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Monday Motivation

Can you believe it is Monday already..?

I woke up wanting to stay in bed another hour. So just like you guys I’m going to need some motivation to keep me going this week.

26 Awesome Hand-Lettering & Typography Designs:

Image Source: Graphic Design Junction

Something I haven’t mentioned is that I have been cheating on my diet. Since graduating from FIDM I started losing weight. Yes, I know what you are thinking and I’m not happy at all that I’m losing this weight. It has turned into a  health problem now because I can’t keep a stable weight. During the course of six months I have lost about 20 pounds without trying at all.  My doctor became extremely concerned because according to my blood work I am completely healthy. But I somehow am still losing weight. So she urged that I eat whatever I wanted and really make an effort to gain weight.

At first I was happy that I was given the green light to eat carbs and sugar. But little did I know that my doctor’s recommendation would soon affect my BF health. We recently noticed that his sugar levels have risen and sure enough it was because of me. Since I would be eating Cheerios and milk, he was always tempted to try a spoonful. So we decided I can only cheat at work, just to keep that out of the apartment.

My game plan is to do this the healthy way. I don’t want to be eating crap that will eventually cause me problems down the road. So I will be forcing myself to eat more protein and working out. I need to start developing my muscles by engaging them more. I also need to speed up the way I eat. I’m praying that by adding these two things into my life that I will be able to gain my 20 pounds back. If you guys have any recommendations I am all ears.