Motivational Monday

With the weekend over it’s time to get ready for the week.

I have been going crazy trying to plan out meals. I’m lucky that I have my boyfriend to help me make dinner because I would have been too easy to quit. If you want to keep up with my journey be sure to follow me on snap chat (erika_isa24).

Today I was also looking around to see if I can find my loved one a free diabetic blood glucose reader. If you guys know any place where I can find a free machine with test strips please comment below. Its been pretty hard trying to get my loved one properly diagnosed because they don’t have health insurance so getting a machine will make it easier to check their intake of carbs.

Image Source: Like Me Skinny Blog


Motivational Tuesday

If there is one thing that I learned from Ronda Rousey is not to be a “do nothing b****.”

When things get unbearable and I feel like quitting on life I remember this video. Every time I watch it or even remember it, it checks me back into my reality. All my goals, dreams and desires can’t be accomplish if I just sit back and wait for it to happen.

I know a lot of people (including myself), who feel out of control all the time. After hearing what she represents and how she was raised; made me what to be in the same mindset.

Training MMA disciplines you in so many ways. It forces you to fight and train like a beast. To not mess up and keep your focus because once you let your guard down BOOM your already on the floor.

I love that these woman are representing that in their own way. That they are some bad b******.