Sugar free Dessert?

Sorry I have MIA lately. These past few weeks were pretty hectic.

So today I decided to share with you what I decided to make for Thanksgiving. Our new tradition is that we celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday. We do this mostly because we have the whole weekend to enjoy our thanksgiving feast.

Now that my boyfriend has to limit his carb intake I decided to make a dessert that everyone could enjoy. I looked through my Pinterest to see if I could find a recipe that was pretty easy to make and would taste good too.

I found a recipe for chocolate pumpkin sex in a pan. It is a low carb, sugar free and gluten free tasty dessert based off of a dessert called better than sex.

Amazingly if you follow the directions it is fairly easy to make. As I was finishing one thing after another I caught myself thinking that I was doing a great job. Since there are so many layers to the dessert it is very important that you start off with a clean kitchen and tabletop. If not things will be chaotic.

First step is making the crust. Grab your 8×8″ pan and spray some baking oil on it so it won’t stick.You combine Almond flour and chopped pecans in a large bowl. Then you pour in melted butter. Once it thickens you spread it out on the pan making sure it is evenly spread. After that you baking it in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at 325 degrees.

When it gets out of the oven you want to make sure that it is in an area to cool down.


After that you want to get the pumpkin layer started. So you grab the soften cream cheese and mix it with the sweetener. Once its mixed you will put in the pumpkin puree, vanilla extract and the spices it asks for. When the crust has cooled you will spread this on top of the crust evenly.

The next step is to get the chocolate layer ready. Now here is when things can get pretty tricky so I recommend you check out the original recipe for all the details. You start off by getting a medium size pan and putting it under medium heat. When the pan is already warmed up you start to put in the almond milk, whipping cream and sweetener. I recommend using a whisk to stir the ingredients all together. Once you see that the sweetener has dissolved  you slowly pour in the egg yolks with some warm cream. After slowly whisking the ingredients you want to low the temperature and put in the xanthan gum. It is important that you whisk it at a fast pace.


The next step is to add in the cocoa powder and cook it once it thickens (4-6 minutes). You then want to remove it from the heat and add in the unsweetened chocolate pieces and butter. When it has smoothened down you want to add in the vanilla extract. Once that is done you simply layer it on top of the pumpkin layer and refridgerate that for two hours.


Finally you make the whip cream topping (which is delicious btw). Something I changed about this recipe is the way that I whipped the cream. Instead of beating the cream I simply got our Ninja blender and threw in the whipping cream, sweetener and vanilla extract. It whipped it to perfection.


So after that you want to take out your dessert from the refrigerator and layer the whipping cream on top. I decided to decorate it by sprinkling cocoa powder on top. Then I got a cheese grater and grater the unsweetened chocolate on top. After that you want to put it back in for another hour to keep the whip cream firm. Here is my final product!

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays!


Happy Birthday to Me!


Today is not only my birthday but my friend Brittany too!!!

I can’t believe that today I turn twenty three years old. Yesterday my birthday Twin surprised me with a ticket to see a taping of The Voice. Amazingly I got to see Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys and Adam Levine! They were so sweet and just as beautiful as I imagined. Alicia Keys was so loving when fans from the audience would yell out that they loved her she would just give the sweetest smile and mouthed I love you too.


We waited for almost three hours to get in and seat but it was an experience I will never forget. It was a perfect way to start off our birthday week.

I’m pretty excited to see what the week brings, I’m hoping that the universe sends me some luck.

My Original Chef

Many people would never guess that my boyfriend was the only one in our relationship that really knew how to cook. I was 20 years old when I met him and sometimes it shocks me how much I have learned from him. He is not just my boyfriend but my role model.

So as I watched him, I began to pick up some cooking skills. My skills improved significantly that my boyfriend stopped cooking. Now there are moments when I miss his cooking. As any good boyfriend would do on my birthday month, he surprised me with a meal.

There is a local Asian market called H Mart and it is the best place to go treat hunting. We found some delicious ribs there and decided to buy some and make it at home. So today I will be sharing how my boyfriend makes short ribs.


First you put in some oil, we used Canola oil. Once the pan is slightly warmed you slowly put in the meat.


We cooked each side for about 3 minutes each.


Once it has brown you want to take the meat to the cutting board and chop it into pieces.


Then throw it back into the pan until it is crispy.


When that is all done we get a spoonful of rice and enjoy them together.


Someone’s Birthday is Today…


Today is my boyfriends birthday, he is turning 31! Birthday’s are so much fun for me. I love shopping for the perfect gift and getting the opportunity to spoil someone.

So when it comes to this month I am surrounded by birthdays. Most of my family and friends all happen to be Virgos. Guess that just means that our signs just get along.

I was going to show you everything I did and plan on doing but since my boyfriend reads my blog I can’t really do that. What I will do is post everything after today.

I was just so overjoyed and excited that I had to share with you what I’m celebrating today.


Snap Chattin

Some say that when you finally accept yourself you truly become happy.

For most of us it’s a journey that can take a little longer than others. For once I finally fell in love with Snap Chat. It can be so hard to be yourself on social media let alone the internet. People concisely judging you and if you doing blogging as well you know the struggle of bring attention to your blog. I always feel like I selling myself and never can truly be myself.

So when I decided to give Snap Chat another chance it really surprised me.

I love using their Geo-Filters and sharing my stories with others. I felt like it forced me out of my shell (social media wise). Like the other day I shared a 30 second video of me singing along using one of the filters. To tell you the truth it was really fun. I stopped caring if people thought I was a good singer or who saw it. It became more about having fun than being amazing at it.

So I wanted to share this little thing that has bought me joy lately. Comment below what your secret joy is and feel free to like it.


P.s. if you want to follow me on snapchat my username is erika_isa24.