Motivational Monday

Good Morning!

I hope coming back to work on Monday wasn’t too hard. For me this weekend was pretty exciting!

I got invited to attend my boyfriends cousins wedding. So you know what that meant…SHOPPING!

One of my favorite things to do is gift shop. Especially when it comes to gift bags, tissue and wrapping paper. So of course I went to my favorite store (Target) to get them.

The ceremony was so relaxing, I had to take a moment to enjoy it. Since I am Hispanic weddings for us are big and loud. But this one was so intimate and peaceful.

She had her ceremony at the beach and picked the best view.  She wasn’t very traditional which I really liked. I loved that she didn’t care that someone was late or that her husband saw her in her dress. All you left with was the love they truly have for each other.

I loved meeting more of my boyfriends family and catching up with them. But what blew the night away was meeting one of my favorite brands owner. She was just as sweet and lovely as I thought she would be.

So I thought that today’s quote should reflect what people aren’t told often. I found this quote from Free People and thought it captured exactly what I wanted to say.

Suddenly you just know it's time to start something new & trust the magic of new beginnings.:

Hope you have a happy Monday.




A Darling Weekend

This weekend was pretty crazy. I planned on cleaning the whole weekend but you know what they say when you make plans…

We ended up getting sick Friday night and didn’t feel better until Sunday morning. Since we stayed in we were dying to get some fresh air. So we decided to check out this Ma and Pa place.

Right when you walked up to it, you automatically fell in love with the place. It was so cute! And it was extremely cozy, it reminded me of these small shops in San Francisco.


If you love beef jerky I recommend you stop by and have a taste. The original is the best hands down. I wanted to go for simply two things to try their chocolate covered strawberries and their breakfast burrito.

It was a fun day out and I have a feeling we will be back for more. If you want to check it out as well their Yelp page will be linked here.

Happy Monday!