Feeling Home Sick…

Ever since my sister and I were a babies we had a babysitter. My mom worked full time and my dad was a truck driver so no one could really stay home with us. My babysitter who is more like a grandma to me would take care of us at her home.

We used her address to go to the school closer to her home. It was because of her that I not only had an amazing childhood but irreplaceable memories. Her daughters and son became apart of my family.

When Halloween slowly creeps up I begin to get home sick. I start missing the old times where we would come home from school and watch Goosebumps. I miss her daughter doing my make-up before going out to go trick o treating.

Since I don’t live at home I rarely see my mom and sister. So I miss our living room discussions and our laughing attacks. Most importantly I miss my O.G. little baby (my cat).

Life in Hesperia is so chill and relaxing. After a weekend spent there its so refreshing that it makes going back to Torrance so hard. Especially when my mom makes her delicious breakfast. I automatically get up to the smell of bacon, something that rarely ever happens at my home.

I’m looking forward to going home and seeing everyone soon.