July Sephora Play Review



This months Play theme was Effortless. If summer could pick beauty products it would choose everything that was in this months bag. They had so many goodies that I had no idea what I want to try out first. My mind was completely blown away when I saw the beautyblender blotterazzi. Automatically I thought this is going to be a good Play bag.


1.NEST Citrine:

If you love NEST perfume as much as I do then you got to get this one. I fell head over heels for the perfume! It smells so lovely and light. This fragrance is the perfect blend for what I am looking for. It’s sexy, dewy, and fresh, and still shows up on my skin. Every whiff was utter bliss, I found myself sniffing my waist throughout the day.


2.beautyblender blotterazzi:

With the one beauty blotter I received, I also got a small sample of the blendercleanser in a subscription box. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I’m heading to Sephora after work today to pick up some more so I can have them at home and at work. It absorbs oil without smudging my makeup around. It also fits perfectly into nooks around my nose, where you’d usually have to smush a blotting paper and mess up your foundation. Love, love, love this thing.


3.Ouai Wave Spray:

I’m not a huge fans of the Kardashians but I am a Chrissy Teigen fan. Jen Atkin is the founder and creator of Ouai, she is a hairstylist to many A list celebrities. So when I saw her wave spray I couldn’t help but squeal. The wave spray is amazing! It smells so good and gives my frizzy/wavy/curly hair some hold and keeps the poofiness to a minimum. It also left my hair feeling manageable, not brittle like some salt sprays.


4.Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing:

Since I have oily skin, I have tried many primers that helped control it. After trying several out I always came back to this one. I discovered it when a former Ulta employee told me that this one was by far better than Porefessional by Benefit. When she said that I had to try it immediately. I can honestly say that it did work some amazing blur miracles. I love that it helps control my oil production and minimizes my pores.


5.Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer:

I ADORE this bronzer. The color is great, goes on light which is perfect for building up however deep a bronze you’re looking for. Great for my medium/olive complexion and smells like chocolate!


6.First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay:

The beginning of this summer was pure hell. I recently got my acne under control from an antibiotic that was prescribed to me. My skin became significantly clearer, to the point where I didn’t need make up. I would have the occasional breakout but when summer came my skin went crazy. I thank the heavens that I got a chance to try this out and control it. I had always heard that this brand created skin miracles. So of course when I tried it I noticed a big difference. The redness went down along with the size of them. It turned an outbreak to a controlled situation. By the next morning there were already some that disappeared.





My Daily Beauty Routine

Good Morning World!

Today I had to wake up extra early like 2:00 AM early. I came into work early today because My aunt, mom and sister are going to San Diego to celebrate my mom’s big 5-0hh.

So come get ready with me!

First I start off by washing my face with the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Cleanser. After washing my face I massage in the Palmers Cocoa Butter all over my face. Then I go in with my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry- Touch Sunscreen.

Once I’m done, I quickly go in with my Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizer. I make sure that I rub it in my cheeks more because that is where most of my big pores are. Since I have oily eyelids too I make sure I put on the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I also make sure to put on my Calvin Klein mascara. I do this because my eyelashes are really straight, so by putting it on first and then curling makes the curls stay longer.

During this time I let everything set and usually brush my teeth while I wait.

After waiting I go in with my Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème. The shade I use is Nude. When I apply it , I just use my fingers to spread it where ever it needs to go. Once I’m done I go in with my Sephora MicroSmooth powder in the shade of Moyen Medium; Beige (25). I apply the powder with a round flat sponge.

For the eyes I put on the Creaseless Cream Shadow from Benefit. The color is No Pressure which is a nice rose gold shadow with hints of shimmer and glitter. I let that set for about a minute before I put on my eyeliner. When putting on my eyeliner, I just make a thin line and go back making it thinner.

Once everything is done I finish up with the Smashbox Photo Finish Prime Water. This helps my make up last longer and keep it from getting too oily.

I had fun sharing with you my daily routine. I hope you enjoying getting ready with me and I wish you all a fun weekend.