Mexican Getaway

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. Lately I have been working on some side projects and focusing on re-branding.

But last Thursday I decided to take a break from the every day and go on a vacation with my family. My aunt was planning on going there for a quick two day trip. So she invited my mom, sister and I to go.

We all slept over my grandmas house and left to Mexico at 5:30 in the morning. As soon as we made it to San Diego we did our last stop before entering the border. We bought water bottles, snacks and stopped by the bank. After that we ate breakfast at McDonalds and before hitting the road we filled up the gas tank.

Some tips I would give others who haven’t been to Mexico is always bring water. Not only because you can’t drink running water but because you will save more if you but it before hand. Another important tip is to fill up your gas tank. The gas in Mexico isn’t  close to the quality in the U.S. So that small amount of gas you buy there might mess up your engine.

When we arrived in Ensenada we stopped by our favorite taco stand, since we had time to kill. Right when I took a bite, my taste buds went crazy. The tortilla was freshly made and complemented the meat so well. To top it all off I ordered a Mexican bottled coke and that sent me to heaven. Nothing is better than that combination.

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We headed to our hotel right after. This time we stayed at a different hotel than usual. The hotel amazingly had a casino and a beautiful pool. It felt completely safe and it had a secured parking lot for the guests.


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Right after getting settled in we decided the rest of the plans for the day. First we went to the cemetery to visit some of my family. My uncle Carlos and Jose are buried right next to my Aunt Maria. My grandma wanted to keep all her children together when they got laid to rest. My favorite Great aunt that I loved to visit was buried right in front of them. We brought them some beautiful flowers and helped tidy they tombstones.


We then headed over next door to see my Great Grandma. Every time we go visit her my heart just breaks. In many third world countries they love to rob graves. They usually pick ones that rarely get visited and slowly pick away at them. I know this because this happened to her resting spot. When I was about ten, there was a black iron fence that surround her tombstone and had flower holders. Every year we would go there would be things that were slowly missing. Soon enough the black gate was gone and this time the flower holders were gone. As we prayed for her I couldn’t help be feel hurt that someone does this. On the row behind hers there was already an empty plot where someone already looted it. So I put more effort in cleaning her tombstone. I pulled out some weeds and splashed some clean water, to clean off the dust.


Since we were close to our favorite paleta spot we decided we needed to stop by before we left. I got their cookies and crème paleta and my sister got their pecan. I did regret not getting the strawberry one because that one is their number one best seller. After having our dessert we were hungry again. So we thought why not go back to our favorite taco guy.


Round two at the taco stand I decided to be adventurous. So I got their flautas and man they were good! They had shredded beef filing and were topped off with sour cream, lettuces, pico de gallo, avocado and carne asada. With every bite you could tell that it was made from scratch.


On Saturday we packed and checked out at 10. My aunt Sandra was dying to go back to La Bufadora. So we walked around looking at food and seeing what each vendor was selling.

For you who don’t know what La Bufadora is. Here a video to show you the main reason everyone goes. That is to see the blowhole of the sea. The area causes the water to squirt up and spray everyone standing near it. Many locals go there to beat the heat especially when its just a dollar to go. Right after that we headed straight to the border and it took us about 4 hours to cross. We got home around 11:30 at night because we stopped to eat dinner. I got home tired not only the wait but the heat too. So when I saw my boyfriend a rush of relief hit me. Sometimes going and visiting other places teaches us what to be grateful for. Even though it was two days it took me a few hours to get use to things again.

Wishing you a great day!






Hello Everybody!

Sorry it took so long to write this post. We landed on Monday night and are still recovering from our trip.

Portland was beyond amazing. I honestly didn’t think that I would completely fall in love with that place, but I did. The beautiful scenery and people made it seem like I was finally home.

Coming from a place like L.A., where everyone seems fake it was so refreshing to meet people who were genuine. So once it was Monday we were so sad to leave.

When we arrived in Portland we picked up our rental car and headed to the hotel. I was so exhausted from all the excitement that I knocked out. My boyfriend on the other hand couldn’t sleep so he started exploring a local Mexican place.

Saturday morning we got up early and went to the farmers market. My boyfriend and I have been to many farmers markets but nothing like this. They had fresh organic produce, thick pieces of bacon, nice brown eggs and mouth blowing food.

I got a breakfast tortilla bowl and my boyfriend had this Asian noodle soup.

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After that we headed to Multnomah Falls which is the second largest waterfall. The drive there was so breath taking and the fresh crisp air was indescribable. Once we got closer to the waterfall, we felt the clean mist hit our faces. What also amazed me was how clear the water was.

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For dinner we went to Cartlandia. It is a place where many food carts go and sell their food. We tried Chop Chop and it wasn’t half bad for Chinese food. Since we were already there we tried the maple and bacon at VooDoo Donuts. Their donuts didn’t meet the hype but the experience of trying one was great.

On Sunday we went to the Screen Door for breakfast. We woke up early and headed straight there. When we got there, there was already a line. Luckly we were able to get seated on the first round. My boyfriend ordered their Chicken and Waffles and I got their Cathead (of course). We left there with a huge smile and a happy belly.


My boyfriend has a friend that lives in Portland so we decided to hang out. What we found out was shocking, he told us that he hasn’t been to the Oregon Zoo. So since we planned on going we invited his roommates and him to join us.

The Oregon zoo was so clean and beautiful. You were surrounded by nature and the crazy part was how close you were to the animals.

For dinner we went to Bamboo sushi and I highly recommend you go there if you are in the area. The sushi chef gave us an experience I will never forget. He not only hooked us up with some bomb sushi but he took his time putting them together like a piece of art.

We did the omakase, which is when you let the chef choose what kind of sushi he wants to give you. The guy told us that he lets people chose how much they are willing to spend. We decided to spend $60 per person and it was the best money spent.

Since I love books, we stoped by Powells Bookstore. If you ever doubted that there is a heaven then you need to go to this bookstore. The amount of book selection you have is insane. There were about 5 book rooms that had their own genre to them. My favorite part of the place was their crazy cat lady section where they sold cat books and products.

On our last day we woke up early to see our last foodie spot. We went to Noug’s Khao Man Gat, we had their chicken and rice. It was taken to another level when you add their special sauce. On our way to the airport I got to see a kitty window display as. Personally I thought of it as a sign that I belonged there.

Overall it was an incredible trip. We wouldn’t just come back, we would move there. To tell you the truth on Tuesday I even started looking for jobs and apartments over there.



Today is the day!

OMG I can’t believe that today is the day that I go to PORTLAND!

I’m beyond excited and to be honest a little nervous. I have been doing non-stop research on packing and what to expect when boarding a plane.

If you are like me and have an upcoming trip check out these videos. Hopefully they helped you as much as they did for me.

P.S. I fell in love with this store called The Container Store. Its the dream store of any person who loves organization.



Wishing all of you an amazing weekend!