Yelp Elite Event At The District

So yesterday I attend a Yelp Elite event with my boyfriend. This event was located in Beverly Hills at the restaurant called The District by Hannah An.

We got there 20 minutes early because in any Yelp event it is always worth getting there early. So we walked around the area just to pass the time. As soon as we came back there were already some people heading upstairs.


We signed in, got our name tags and free drink tickets.  The first thing we did was go straight to the bar. The line was small so we thought lets put in our order before it becomes chaotic. We both ordered the “Hot Asian”. I was in such a great mood that I started making puns/jokes. I told my boyfriend, “You know for liking a hot Asian, I really don’t care for the Hot Asian”.


As people started coming we picked a spot to sit down and enjoy the free food. They had servers that would come around with trays that sampled their food. We tried their Tuna Poke, Duck Confit flatbread, Hannah’s Homemade Noodles and their Spring Rolls. This was just in a bite size since it was a tasting.


This was my favorite by far it’s the Tuna Poke. That bite size sent me to heaven! I loved how all the favors complement each other so well. I was dying to get my hands on another.



My second favorite was the Duck Confit flatbread. I was so amazed at how much I liked duck. But the cheese , pickled onion and vinaigrette took it to another level.


Next was Hannah’s Homemade Noodles. They came out nice and warm I had to take moment to properly take a photo of them. This was so simple yet so delicious at the same time. I’m not going to lie, I had some fun mixing all the ingredients together. Other than the noodles it had garlic-lime, Thai basil and panko. My boyfriend and I had two each, so that has to tell you something.


If you are a vegan or vegetarian then this might be something you should try. Personally this wasn’t my for me. I was not use to the chef choice protein or their garlic lime vinaigrette.


After we left the event I was able to snag a few Yelp goodies such as their lip balm and cute notepads.  The restaurant even gave us these 20 dollar off coupons. I had such  a fun night out that we stopped at our local BCH Tofu place to fill our hungry bellies.

  • Since I was at a Yelp event I’ll post the meal planning tomorrow.



Bareburger Yelp Elite Event

Happy hump day everyone!

IMG_3839 copy

Yesterday I got to accompany my boyfriend to one of his Yelp Elite event.

This event was anything but ordinary. They offered us a complete meal for free, so who are we to say no. To start us off they gave us their Crispy Brussels Sprouts, which was beyond delicious. It was so good that I didn’t stop to take any photos.

After that they came over and dropped off some of their fries, onion rings and their special sauces. I highly recommend if you decide to eat their that you order a side of fries.  Personally I hate onions, I love them for favor but can’t get over their texture. But if you want to be crazy like me, you should also share some onion rings. I liked the breading they used to fry the onions. I felt like it really masked not only the favor of the onions but the texture as well.

I decided to try their Country Fair burger with my first drink being a strawberry lemonade. The country fair burger is made out of bison ground meat, aged cheddar, dill pickles, red onion, tomatoes, green leaf, mayo, and in brioche bun. The lemonade was okay, I like Hot Dog on a Stick lemonade better. As for the burger it was nothing amazing. The aged cheddar really took away from the burger completely.  My bison patty was pretty tasty, I kind of like that there was still some pink to it. Also I wanted to note that if you get weird with undercooked burgers, you probably should skip this place.

As for my boyfriend, he tried the Buckaroo burger which included beef, aged cheddar, brisket, wild mushrooms, smoke sauce and brioche bun. He also thought that his cheese and sauce overpowered the burger. What I loved was his Bourbon Smash. I usually can’t drink alcohol but I hate the strong bitter taste but this drink was crafted beautifully. All I tasted was the fruity grapefruit and I was in summer heaven. I loved it so much that I ordered that as my second free drink. My boyfriend was about to do the same when he was told that they sold out of that drink.


Once we were done we waited on our ice cream cookie sandwich to arrive. It was so soft and paired well with the ice cream. I loved that they have some chocolate sauce around the plate (perfect for dipping).

The best thing about that day were the free T-Shirts and $15 dollar gift card they gave us. I really had an awesome time and was fun taking to the two college girls that were assigned to our table. I know that I’m excited to go out and sport my new shirt!



Portland Bookmarks

Words can’t describe how excited I am to get the chance to visit Portland. My boyfriend and I have been doing so much research about what we should do once we get off the plane.

On yelp we read reviews and bookmark the places we wanted to try out. Let me say that once we saw all that delicious food we started drooling.

Here are some places we are going to go visit.

Portland’s famous farmers market:

Portland Saturday Market - Portland, OR, United States. SignPortland Saturday Market - Portland, OR, United States

Portland Saturday Market - Portland, OR, United StatesPortland Saturday Market - Portland, OR, United States. Portland Saturday Market.

Source: Joe P. and Vanessa K.

Salt and Straw:

The one thing that I’m dying to try is their Bone Marrow ice cream. Yes, you read correctly BONE MARROW. This ice cream was featured in many food network shows like Unique Eats. I am also going to try their Honey Lavender. If you think that it can’t get better, you are wrong. They make their own fresh waffle cones there as you are placing your order.

  • If you feel overwhelmed with all their amazing flavors then you can always get the ice cream Flights. It allows you to 4 pick flavors you want to try

Salt & Straw - Portland, OR, United States. A scoop of lavender and a scoop of olive oil ($5.95): a surprisingly delicious combination. Awesome waffle cone ($1), too.Salt & Straw - Portland, OR, United States

Blue Star Donuts:

This is a local hot spot where many come and get their daily coffee and donut. Blue Star Donuts - Portland, OR, United States. Creme brûlée donut.


Norma’s Seafood & Steak:

Portland is also known for their delicious sea critters. The dishes from Norma’s looked so mouth watering. I drooled over their crabs, halibut fish and chips and crab salad

Norma's Seafood & Steak - Seaside, OR, United States. My crab. It was fine.Norma's Seafood & Steak - Seaside, OR, United States. Halibut fish and chips.Norma's Seafood & Steak - Seaside, OR, United States. 12 large chunks of fresh crab on the crab Louis.

source: Joe D. , Connie C. and Pdx C.

Screen Door:

This place is known for their brunch which happens to be my favorite meal. I am dying to try their fried chicken and waffles.

Screen Door - Portland, OR, United States. Just a lil chicken and waffle

Source: Elizabeth L.


There is so much food to try and places to see that this is not even the half of it.

I even joked with my mom and told her that I will definitely be gaining weight while I’m over there.







Yelping Through the Decades

I got invited to attend a Yelp Elite event with my boyfriend last week.

Let me just say that Yelp events are never boring or dull. I always leave with an amazing experience and new information. Whether it be a new vendor that I fell in love with or just discovering new things that I like.

This event was called Yelping through the Decades. On the invite it said to dress up in your favorite decade or festive attire. My boyfriend and I decided last minute to take the 50’s decade. We put on our greaser gear on and boom we were off.

It was held in King Richard’s  Antique Center in Whitter, CA. This was the most amazing antique place I have ever been to. They had a bunch of modern furniture and even some ugly Christmas sweaters on display.

What surprised me the most is how festive the whole store was. When you walked in there was carolers singing away and they were so cute!

I have never experienced carolers so, I was trying my hardest to keep my cool. When you checked in you donation $10 each. All the money went towards the Ozzy Foundation (which is for animals). In return you got to sample a lot of amazing food, take photos and even get a pet toy.


We had these mouth watering oysters from Maine and New York. They were so good we came back three times.

They had a Pin Up Cakes and their chocolate peanut butter macaroon were out of this world. They basically melted in your mouth.

Califia Farms was there passing out spiked drinks and yes their eggnog would knock your socks off.

If you a big fan of Jello Shots then you should check out Ludlows Cocktail Jelly Shots. *They are REALLY strong.


Yelp even managed to wow my boyfriend when he saw their Krave Beef Jerky sample tent. They had samples of all of there flavors.

I even fell in love with a new drink brand called Bai. Their drink have no sugar added. I love their Mango, Dragon Fruit and Pomegranate drink. Something that I thought was cute was that they had a photoshoot area to instagram your fun. When you included their hashtag your photo would get printed out.


Here is some go the free alcohol we got to try. I am not a fan of beer but this cider beer was amazing. I could honest drink it and it feel like it isn’t a chore. After we picked up our feel beer the next booth gave us some free stackable wine. Heinek was offering free beer but since it is not my favorite I just passed.


As for food they had Lahtt Sause there and they had their signature sauce and dumplings to try.The Pub at Chino Hills had some delicious pork belly they were giving out. Lava was also there with their handcrafted Bloody Mary mix. The famous Pink’s even gave out hotdogs. We chose their Chill Dogs.

All in all we had an amazing time. We got so many freebies and we were even featured on Yelp page.


To see more photos of the event click here




Yelp Elite Event

Good Morning Everyone!

Yesterday My boyfriend and I went to a Yelp Elite event in West Hollywood. Since it is a pretty long drive there with rush hour traffic we decided to make a night out of it.

It was sooo much fun!!! I got to go because my boyfriend is a Yelp Elite. He gets invited to all crazy, delicious events. Some are club events with open bar and others are simple like free ice cream.

With all the heat over here in L.A.. we thought ice cream would be pretty amazing. The event started at 8 but since we wanted to be early we got there around 7. We were so lucky that we found parking right as we got there.

After that we explored the area for places we wanted to eat for dinner. But nothing really spoke to us. We went back to the ice cream parlor where the yelp event was located. The ice cream place was called Atticus Creamery & Pies.

Atticus Creamery & Pies - Los Angeles, CA, United States. Pretty card!

Photo credit: From Yelp Account Evelyn L.

10893 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064



Amazingly we were the first ones there and got to try a lot of delicious samples of their famous pies and ice cream. After all that we are given one free scoop of ice cream and lets just say that they were very generous with it. I had the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana ice cream and my boyfriend had the Raspberry Sorbet.

Atticus Creamery & Pies - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo credit: From Yelp Account Joseph A.

Atticus Creamery & Pies - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo credit: From Yelp Account Rachel Q.

They were so dank that my mouth was going to explode due to; too much deliciousness. I decided to be bold and I was not at all disappointed. We both agreed that the Raspberry and Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana ice cream tasted amazing together.


Once we were done with our ice cream we went across the street to the mall. We had some chicken teriyaki in their food court and it was really good. After that we did some shopping and I got myself some earrings and a bag from Nordstrom.

Overall it was an epic day.