Monday Motivation

After two weeks off from blogging I managed to get myself centered and refocused.

This weekend I spent some time with my sister and my boyfriend. We got the chance to go to the Huntington Library and have a picnic. Since I had never been there before I completely underestimated how massive the gardens are. We got there around two in the afternoon and left at 4:30. You would think that with two hours we would be able to see the whole park…wrong.

Rose Garden

Lotus Garden

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Japanese Garden

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Chinese Garden

The heat in Pasadena was so bad that it completely slowed us down and made us have to stop for water a couple of times. The gardens we were able to see were the Lotus, Jungle and Japanese Garden. But before they kicked us out we were able to catch a glimpse of the Chinese Garden. It was so breathe taking that we decided that we had to come back and see the rest.

With this new month starting I want to take a new approach to my goals this month. Today I will just share with you a quote that has not only inspired my week but my month.


I wish you all a happy and stress free Monday.

Lots of Love,


My Book Club

As you get older you meet more and more people who can contribute so much knowledge in your life. For some reason my whole life I was always drawn to having older friends. And no it wasn’t for the alcohol. I always felt like they had just advice and wise words for me as I grew. I was so fortunate to have even aunts, family friends and even a mom who wanted to make sure that I didn’t make the same mistakes that they did. They gave me the best childhood ever.

Because of that I never wasn’t the most popular person at school. I knew that getting drunk at parties and having sex in high school wasn’t ever going to get me anywhere. So I focused on my studies and was active in school clubs. I’m not saying that you can’t have the best of both worlds but that was never MY scene.

When I moved in with my cousin, I got to meet these amazing people. My family that live in Long Beach introduced me to this amazing person named Crystal Lynn. She can light up any room with not only her smile but her kind heart. I met her on first Fridays, which is where her Zen Relaxation studio was located. She reads tarot cards, guides meditations and does spiritual guidance.

It was after talking to her about personal growth that she recommended me this book called, The Power of Now. Once I read the reviews on how much people liked the book, I knew that I just had to buy it.

 Editorial Reviews from Barnes and Noble

Common Ground
This is not just another candy-ass elementary level celestine prophetic conversation supposedly with God clone. It is fresh, revealing, current, new inspiration. Power of Now is written from a depth of a person who has considered suicide, gone through his dark night of the soul and has come out the other side into his very personal and ecstatic enlightenment. If you are considering getting back in touch with your soul this book is a great companion.

New Age Books
Now and then, time cultivates these perfect jewels. You find one and think nothing better is possible. Such is The Power of Now. A regular customer at our store, and student of Chi Gong said, “It not only synthesizes everything I’ve delved into, but it does it so clearly and simply.” Many customers report back literally “thrilled” to have come across the book.

If you are interested in joining me, I’ll be reading the first and second chapter. On Thursday I’ll report my thoughts on both chapters. Can’t wait to start reading!!

A Moment of Relaxation

This weekend was the most relaxing one I have had in a long time. We went into this nice clean Asian spa called the Rivera Health Spa . My boyfriend had been there before and always mentioned how relaxing that place was. So when arriving you pay your entrance fee which is $25. After  that you are giving a towel, shirt and shorts to change into. You are then given the option to shower before you go onto the sauna rooms. The best part if you decide to take a shower before or after is that they always provide you with everything you would need.

The sauna rooms can range from different temperatures and don’t worry about cooling off because they have a nice cold room that you can cool off in. My favorite room was the jade room and its is about 117 degrees in there. I loved it so much because since it was so peaceful and having all those crystals surround you. I just wanted to start meditating and as I closed my eyes I felt my stress levels going down.  My second favorite was the Salt room and that was set to 133 degrees. But don’t let the heat scare you off. The salt room has thousand year-old salt so all the minerals are going into your pores and helping cleans your body of toxins. The last hot sauna was the lotus room which is a new addition and that room is set at 140. We went in there for no more than 5 min and our poor feet felt the heat.  It was so hot to stay in there, that we chicken out and went to back to the salt room.

jade roomsalt room

                   Jade Room and  Salt Room



In between rooms we drank plenty of water and we would visit the cold room in between saunas. Also if you get hungry, you don’t need to worry about bring your wallet you are charged with the number they give you.


I highly recommend that you check it out for yourself and treat yourself to some relaxation for the everyday mundane.


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