Sugar free Dessert?

Sorry I have MIA lately. These past few weeks were pretty hectic.

So today I decided to share with you what I decided to make for Thanksgiving. Our new tradition is that we celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday. We do this mostly because we have the whole weekend to enjoy our thanksgiving feast.

Now that my boyfriend has to limit his carb intake I decided to make a dessert that everyone could enjoy. I looked through my Pinterest to see if I could find a recipe that was pretty easy to make and would taste good too.

I found a recipe for chocolate pumpkin sex in a pan. It is a low carb, sugar free and gluten free tasty dessert based off of a dessert called better than sex.

Amazingly if you follow the directions it is fairly easy to make. As I was finishing one thing after another I caught myself thinking that I was doing a great job. Since there are so many layers to the dessert it is very important that you start off with a clean kitchen and tabletop. If not things will be chaotic.

First step is making the crust. Grab your 8×8″ pan and spray some baking oil on it so it won’t stick.You combine Almond flour and chopped pecans in a large bowl. Then you pour in melted butter. Once it thickens you spread it out on the pan making sure it is evenly spread. After that you baking it in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at 325 degrees.

When it gets out of the oven you want to make sure that it is in an area to cool down.


After that you want to get the pumpkin layer started. So you grab the soften cream cheese and mix it with the sweetener. Once its mixed you will put in the pumpkin puree, vanilla extract and the spices it asks for. When the crust has cooled you will spread this on top of the crust evenly.

The next step is to get the chocolate layer ready. Now here is when things can get pretty tricky so I recommend you check out the original recipe for all the details. You start off by getting a medium size pan and putting it under medium heat. When the pan is already warmed up you start to put in the almond milk, whipping cream and sweetener. I recommend using a whisk to stir the ingredients all together. Once you see that the sweetener has dissolved  you slowly pour in the egg yolks with some warm cream. After slowly whisking the ingredients you want to low the temperature and put in the xanthan gum. It is important that you whisk it at a fast pace.


The next step is to add in the cocoa powder and cook it once it thickens (4-6 minutes). You then want to remove it from the heat and add in the unsweetened chocolate pieces and butter. When it has smoothened down you want to add in the vanilla extract. Once that is done you simply layer it on top of the pumpkin layer and refridgerate that for two hours.


Finally you make the whip cream topping (which is delicious btw). Something I changed about this recipe is the way that I whipped the cream. Instead of beating the cream I simply got our Ninja blender and threw in the whipping cream, sweetener and vanilla extract. It whipped it to perfection.


So after that you want to take out your dessert from the refrigerator and layer the whipping cream on top. I decided to decorate it by sprinkling cocoa powder on top. Then I got a cheese grater and grater the unsweetened chocolate on top. After that you want to put it back in for another hour to keep the whip cream firm. Here is my final product!

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays!


Black Friday Sales

Usually I never participate in black Friday shopping mostly because people tend to get too crazy. I hate people pushing and fighting over items so I do anything to avoid that.

This year I got a little taste of the madness when I waited with my boyfriend yesterday at Best Buy. People were so rude and the amount of people who were frustrated about finding their TV was astonishing.

So as I woke up this morning I saw a few deals that you can get at the comfort of your own home. Some of my favorite brands like Kate Spade had over 75% off bags and wallets.

Here are some items that caught my attention! Happy shopping my dear friends may the markdowns be in your favor.



Style File: Monica Rose

Since starting my 30 day closet challenge I have been memorized by clothes.

One stylist I have always admired is Monica Rose. Her sense of style would be described as edgy feminist. It was after seeing how she styles her clients that I obvious fell in love with the way she puts together an outfit.

Monica Rose opens up her LA studio to share her personal style. :

Photo Source: Bazaar

Some of her A-list clients include Chrissy Tegien, the Jenners, Gigi Hadid,  the Kardashians, and much more.

Here are some of my favorite looks she has created.


Monday Motivation

This weekend I got the chance to get away from the everyday and visit my hometown.

I love going back home and recharging myself. Something about a small town makes all the city problems just fade away.

Since I live in an apartment we aren’t really allowed any animals so I love getting the extra cuddle time with my cats and dog. Whenever I go, I have to make sure I visit everyone that I rarely get to see. One stop that I always make it a point to go and see is my grandma. She always makes me feel loved and missed. Everyone gets excited when I come into town and it feels like I never have enough time with them. I guess that’s why it’s always hard to say goodbye.

But the amount of love and happiness I receive when I visit my family and friends is so heart warming. It can honestly make all your problems completely disappear. No matter what stresses I have they always let me know that they are right next to me cheering me on.


So this weeks quote is all about leaving that negativity out of your everyday and embrace the positive.



Monday Motivation

I would say that this week’s theme is change.

Why is it the one thing that can help us in the most positive way is change. But yet we have this whole fear of it. Whether it is applying for a new job, getting married or moving to another city. No matter what, you have that hesitation to move forward with change.

This could be your butterfly moment. |

So I found that this quote to capture how to view change as a positive thing. I hope that it helps you ease into change as much as it will for me.

Monthly Detox

Do you ever start the month with the thought of a fresh start.

Well last month I was doing some research on gaining mental clarity. One article popped up that was really intriguing, it was called the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. She created a calendar of things to do to keep you in a clear mind set.


I had to share it with you because I read the challenges and felt so inspired to follow her movement. So far I have managed to stay on top of each activity and it really has changed my mindset.


Another challenge that got my attention is the 30-Day Closet Confidence Challenge. The one thing that I always have a hard time doing is keeping my closet organize throughout the week. Since my closet is never organized, I always find it hard in the morning to get ready. I usually throw on a tee, sweater, and jeans. But as I kept reading the article it turned into a different challenge than I thought. Which was about developing confidence through your clothes. She gives you small assignments throughout the month that forces you to get creative with what is in your closet. So I felt why not join this challenge too.

I hope this inspires you as much as it did for me. Nothing sounds better then to detox your mind and start this month off on a fresh start.




Goodbye to October

You know the saying that things never go as planned?

Well this Halloween that came true. We were suppose to go to Halloween party but I didn’t find out that it was on Friday till I came home after work. Here I thought that I still had one day to make our costumes but it was really three hours.

So as I looked at my bf with stress flowing through my eyes we said f*** it lets not go.

Usually I want to wear a costume or do something creative but I figured my Selena costume was enough for me this year. Since we didn’t go I returned all our supplies and it felt good to get my money back. We spent probably like around 60 dollars on all the material and figured that we should’ve bought the real ones. So as we laughed it off we planned out our weekend.

On Saturday we went to the Luxe Buffet that is located in the Westminster mall. When you walk in you get overwhelmed with the different aroma’s that you have no clue where to start. They had sushi, crab legs, variety of soups, Brazilian BBQ, Chinese food, ice cream bar, mini donuts, macaroons and so much more. Once we were done we had to walk around the mall because we were seconds from falling into a food coma.


As for Sunday my bf took me to his favorite taco place in Santa Monica. Ever since he started his new job he has been raving about this restaurant. So this weekend we had some time to go and check it out. I completely fell in LOVE with those tacos!!! The way that they marinate the Asada is foodgasm worthy. I was really impressed when I saw the quality of meat…no fatty parts. One thing I always check when going to any Mexican restaurant is their rice and beans. If they can’t master an easy side dish then that’s usually a sign that the food won’t be good.


Later we met up with one of my bf friends and we headed to a haunted house. The place we went to was held by a martial arts school. Their theme was Revenge of the Ninja; Vengeance is their Legacy. We were put in a group with a family of three. As we began walking I started to get scared, lucky there was a boy in front of me. He would start freaking out when we would turn a corner and apart of me was thinking the same thing he was. Surely my bf took over and pushed us ahead of them. He mostly did that because he wanted the people to focus on scaring me instead of the little boy. After the whole thing was over I thought that it was a great experience especially because it was free.

I had such a great weekend that I’m sad that October is already over. Today I take down all my decorations and get mentally ready for Christmas because we both know it will be here in a blink of an eye.


#AA Halloween Costume

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I don’t know about you guys but I am beyond excited for this weekend. Today for work I decided to dress up as my all time favorite singer Selena. Every since I was six years old I would watch her movie every weekend. In the final scene when she sang I will be dreaming of you, I would always get emotional and cry.


As I grew up my appreciation for what she represented grew stronger. She was the first singer to represent a society where you have to balance being an American and being Mexican. So when I found out that MAC was doing a make up line dedicated to her I knew that I had to get my hands on them. My sister was so amazing and bought me all three for my birthday.

img_5847Image result for selena quintanilla amor prohibido

My costume cost $26 to make. I got my ruffled white shirt from Forever21 for 19.90 and I also got the gold hoop earring for $3.80. As for the leather jacket, I borrowed it from my boyfriend since it was the smallest jacket he owned. Now I just have to finish any final touches on my Scorpion costumes for Saturday. Guess that means I will be up late tonight.

Have fun and remember to stay safe.



Work in Progress

Well there is something you must know about me…and that is that I love making my own costumes. When October arrives my first thought is what will I be this year.

I finally was able to go to a costume store with my boyfriend and brain stormed ideas. We agreed to be characters from the video game Mortal Combat. I had to do more research on the characters because honestly I have no idea who they are.

Since its a family party I don’t want to dress too risky. So I have been debating on being a girl version of Scorpion or Kitana. A part of me wants to be Scorpion because I am a Scorpio. But then on the other hand my boyfriend kept hinting that he wants me to be Kitana.

Character: Scorpion | Cosplayer: Brittany Renee Wheeler | Series: MORTAL KOMBAT:

Scorpion (Girl Version)

Kitana Kosplay [Mortal Kombat]:


 So today we are going to Joann’s to pick up some fabric. I’ll upload my sketch of how I plan on PG-ing this costume. I’m praying all my sewing skills can make this happen or else I will just be a ninja. But failure is not an option this Halloween. Can’t wait to show you how it all turns out! Here is an idea of what my boyfriend and I will look like.


Halloween costume idea kitana sub zero:

Kitana and Sub Zero

Happy Birthday to Me!


Today is not only my birthday but my friend Brittany too!!!

I can’t believe that today I turn twenty three years old. Yesterday my birthday Twin surprised me with a ticket to see a taping of The Voice. Amazingly I got to see Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys and Adam Levine! They were so sweet and just as beautiful as I imagined. Alicia Keys was so loving when fans from the audience would yell out that they loved her she would just give the sweetest smile and mouthed I love you too.


We waited for almost three hours to get in and seat but it was an experience I will never forget. It was a perfect way to start off our birthday week.

I’m pretty excited to see what the week brings, I’m hoping that the universe sends me some luck.